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Frequencies In Healing.

Hello beautiful souls,

I recently came across a post saying that this is the Frequency Age! And oooooooh I had goosebumps because I love using different frequencies in my healing, manifestation and meditation techniques. Unconditional love, Meraki, Agape.. are some of the highest frequencies on our planet. Some describe this as Divine love. The love from a mother to a child, the love from God to all, the love of the Universe to all of creation. There are so many ways to envision this kind of love.

It's not just this ooey gooey warm feeling though, it’s also scientifically used during healing sessions. Part of my gifts is that I can visualize and feel energy very distinctly. Quiet often, the lower of denser frequencies represent energy distortions or imbalances such as mental distress, physical illness or emotional distress (at a higher level).

It takes a very high frequency of LOVE to clear away lower energies and bring the bodies system into a state of healing. A state of equilibrium. When energies are cleared, they come to a zero point. Meaning there is nothing there, everything becomes love, it feels super clear and free. At this point, your mind, body and spirit get to choose higher thoughts as the denser frequencies are cleared.

People often work on trying to ''think'' positively and this can work over time... The catch is, if their energy or frequency is still geared towards old ways of feeling (wounds, traumas, past disappointments, fears etc), then real transformation can be hard, not impossible.. but it can take more time. They may even find themselves manifesting the very things they do not want.

Anyone can do simple daily practices to maintain a state of health and balance. Meditation is one of the easiest ways to come back to a point of balance every day. Many people ask me if they can use more practical methods because they may not have time to meditate or they may find that they feel good when they are meditating but can be effected by negativity when they are not in meditation. Breathwork, reframing and statement clearing are 3 other very powerful techniques to use on the go.

I will share more on these practical exercises in the coming weeks that can help you every day. You can also follow my Instagram & Facebook page to keep up with these tips!

Love and Blessings,