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The Silent Generational Debt.

Image Credit: Susan Cipriano (Pixabay).

Hello beautiful souls!

Happy lunar new year to all those celebrating. We are going through so many shifts, it’s a new moon in Aquarius and it is also the end of many retrogrades.

You can tell by now that I do work with the planetary movements and I enjoy aligning my physical work with this for extra impact. Retrogrades typically give us an opportunity to revisit old patterns, wounds or cycles.

This is our choice point where we get to decide what we want to do with it. We may realise that we need to try a different approach to close the cycle. It is strongly advised that a retrograde period is used for contemplation but not for deciding and agreeing to the action. The action comes after a retrograde 😊.

That’s when we collect all our lessons and decide on a new path forward. Unfortunately, some people may be repeating a cycle depending on their level of conscious understanding of the power of this period!

Ok, enough moon talk.

Ancestry has been on my spirit so much this week. So I wanted to share more about the silent generational debt that I’ve noticed in my own current life story as well as many clients and friends. Ancestry is powerful yet we haven’t touched the surface of this.

We are all born with our unique set of DNA and our Soul Blueprint. Soul Blueprint is something that I work a lot with when doing healing sessions because the link between life’s events and the soul blueprint, speaks volumes about the purpose of events in a person’s life.

Everything is always working for us, it just takes some guidance getting to that point. Love is the creator of health and abundance and it’s a shame that many people get stuck in anger, sadness, hurt, resentment and fear.

So what is the silent generational debt we are carrying?

Well my wonderful readers, I believe that this debt is around relationships. It’s something that we as a society have not been able to crack and as a result, many of the future generations are growing up with intrinsic trauma around how to approach relationships or how to even care for a co-dependent mum or dad.