Quantum Reiki

Time: 60 minutes. Delivery: Distance or face to face.

  • 1 hour
  • 130 US dollars
  • HK

Service Description

Session Flow: We open up the session with a reading, then perform a full energetic body scan to identify blockages, although more may come during the actual session for clearing. We work with the intentions set by you for the session and after clearing, your practitioner will note down any messages to be passed on to you after the session for deeper healing. We recommend that you go into a meditative state in your own space. Your practitioner will not contact you straight after the session as you will have time to rest and full integrate the shifts from the session. Preparation: You will need at least 60 minutes. The energy reading and clearing will take up to 45 minutes maximum. It is recommended that you find a space to completely relax where you are undisturbed. You can clear your space using sage or palo santo or what ever you usually use. If you do not have these then your practitioner can help clear the space for you. You can also have meditation music or healing frequencies playing (see below for recommendations).

Contact Details

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